Sunday, November 30, 2008

Insurance claim for broken windshield

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Help Paying For Auto Insurance

I got this car for a gift and it needs to be insured. However I can not afford the insurance right now. I try to drive it as little as possible right now, and god forbid if I get pulled over going to the store for some milk.

Insurance agents who look after your interest

Dear Mr Tan, After reading your blog for the past few months and comments posted by insurance agents, and based on my personal encounters with agents over the past years, I have come to the following conclusions (please correct me if I ...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free Auto Insurance Quotes

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"On Your Side" -Nationwide Insurance

Offered: "On Your Side" -Nationwide Insurance. Wanted:

Insurance Irony

I get my insurance by doing things like this: As it says at the end, life is full of chocolate surprises.

Property Insurance and Catastrophes

Most people living in the US know that on October 21 wildfires broke out all across Southern California. These fires damaged thousands of structures and homes and resulted in massive evacuations.